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You need to Know about the app, as with similar services like Whats App or LINE, you need to link your phone number to a personal account that should take only a few minutes.Once you have done this, you can see a list of people with your contacts who also use We Chat. This guide we show you how to find and add new friends on We Chat. We Chat is immensely popular in China so it's the ultimate platform for finding Chinese friends. is the ultimate platform for finding new friends on We Chat. Malaysia sexy girls wechat id list and also sex video clips on your desktop or cellphone. Astronomica L · Check My Photos Regular Member Regular Member Joined: Fri Jun 02, 2017 am Real Name: Jason Whats App Numbers: 0847416890 Gender: Male.

We Chat’s initial growth was fueled largely by QQ users.

They can search for new friends through various mechanisms, from the random “shake,” which connects you with other users shaking their phone to make new friends, to the integration of your phone contacts with the We Chat platform.

We Chat’s popularity is not due solely to its design, but also to the reputation of its designer, Tencent, which is China’s most valuable Internet firm by market capitalization.

Its future hinges on the answer to two questions: in Chinese) began as an instant messenger for mobile devices and has developed into a multi-function mobile communications and social networking platform, or what Pando Daily’s Hamish Mc Kenzie refers to as “a social network and uber-communications platform.” My context China colleague Lilac Peterson recently offered a close look at all of its different features.

Here’s a quick review: Users have a profile with a picture, can post “moments” to their timeline through a feature similar to that offered by Instagram, can connect with their friends through short voice messages (walkie talkie style), video chat (Skype style), or IMs (Whats App style).

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Moreover, its appeal cuts across nationalities and socioeconomic classes.

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