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She meets Carl in Dillimore and the two begin to rob several businesses in the countryside.The two begin a relationship, which quickly ends due Catalina's anger with Carl's obsession with getting money.However, he later joins the Ballas, the Grove Street Families' main rival, and becomes heavily involved in the drugs trade.Ryder is killed by Carl after fleeing from a meeting with T-Bone Mendez, which had been interrupted by Carl and Cesar Vialpando. Cesar Vialpando is the leader of the Varrios Los Aztecas gang and the boyfriend of Kendl Johnson. He later becomes an ally of Carl's, through his relationship with Kendl, and later helps him in his business adventures.She finds a new boyfriend, Claude, and leaves San Andreas for Liberty City. The Truth is an aging hippie who lives in San Fierro and owns a farm on the outskirts of the city.However, she later attempts to win Carl back through phone calls. He becomes a friend of Carl Johnson when Carl steals a combine harvester and sets fire to his farm's illegal crops.He returns to his home in Ganton and helps to re-assert the Grove Street Families dominance in the area. Lance Wilson, also known as Ryder, is a leading member of the Grove Street Families who lives in Ganton.He welcomes Carl's return to the gang and works with Carl to obtain weapons for the gang, stealing them from Colonel Fuhrberger and a National Guard weapons depot.

Carl Johnson, also known as CJ,is the main protagonist and playable character throughout GTA San Andreas.Carl then begins to help the Grove Street Families and weaken their rivals, as well as establishing a business empire throughout the State of San Andreas. Frank Tenpenny is the main antagonist of GTA San Andreas. Tenpenny later leaves Los Santos and continues to have Carl perform various tasks for him. Tenpenny is acquitted, which sparks riots in the city.He is a police officer with the Los Santos Police Department and heads up C. Tenpenny attempts to escape in a Firetruck but is killed when he drives off a bridge and into Grove Street. Melvin Harris, also known as Big Smoke, is a leading member of the Grove Street Families who lives in Idlewood.The Truth also introduces Carl to Dwaine, Jethro and Zero, later helping Carl become friends with Kent Paul and Maccer.He later has Carl steal a jetpack from Area 69 and a container of an unknown "green goo".

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He later states his admiration for Carl, who has beaten the system. Mike Toreno is an undercover agent for an unknown government agency who becomes involved in the drugs trade, alongside Jizzy B. He becomes an ally of Carl's through the drugs trade, however, Carl later attempts to kill Toreno.