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Many people probably have less time to play once they get older, have a full time job, family, etc. Combine those two things are you have a ready made market for old school materials.

Add a third factor, which is that most of the retro clones and alternate versions are actually free to download...

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Third, there was PF itself showing people it was possible to play D&D without actually playing the latest edition. Fourth, the growth of the internet and PDF publishing has helped.

Rules quirks people disagree with are expected to be modified - it's not as if 3E gave birth to dwarf paladins and etc. They may, of course, have been wrong about that, but Wot C chose not to test it.Vultr contracted to do around 10 pages web site design graphics.The latter makes it extremely convenient for players to switch between devices as user credentials will access multiple platforms.His two interceptions were half of the four Jackrabbit picks on the day.Shafrath has led the Jackrabbits in tackles all five games this season en route to a team-best 57 stops.

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Or a number of grogs being larger or better organized than they were a few years ago or something else? And once OSRIC demonstrated that it was possible to legally provide support for those old editions, it quickly became apparent that there was that demand - and companies provided support accordingly. Ging back to when if spell 'xxxx' was going to be a problem for the campaign, the GM was expected not to let the spell into the game. What I remember reading was a Wo TC employee asked the OSRIC guy to stop, OSRIC guy said no, and wotc didn't pursue the matter due to the OSRIC guy being in the UK.

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