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While you masturbate, rub and squeeze the balls with your other hand with a pressure that brings you the most sensations.

Use your index finger and rub it gently over the spot just below the scrotum.

With your first hand, jerk your cock in a top to bottom motion.Known also as the “monkey grip,” if you’ve never tried masturbating this way, the sensations will feel as if another person is holding your cock and balls, masturbating you!An urban catch phrase that caught on wildly in the ‘90s, instead of masturbating to complete orgasm, pleasure yourself to very “edge” of coming, Do: Jack off your big cock until you’re ready to cum. When you feel you’re about to come: stop jacking your cock again.Many men pump their penis with “to and fro” pulls of their hand along the penis shaft.Using the thumb or index finger, they multiply the pleasurable sensations by circling the head of the penis at the top of a single pull from the public hair to the tip.

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This technique allows greater penis stimulation over the entire surface of the penis whether it is large or smaller.

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