French camchat

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French camchat

A year has passed since the site was launched - and I think it has been a good year, I have enjoyed talking to alot of you.The profile count has reached 4500 profiles and there's a steady growth each day - the future for daddies and sons seem bright ;-)Changed the site layout a bit and changed the focus of the site - bringing profiles more into the main idea of the site.There is now a mobile / touch version of the site - allowing you to easier check up on messages and profiles - and find contacts at your current location - eg. On the main site it is now also possible to let the site know your location more precisely.The main benefit is that it allows distance search for all countries - but it also give search results that are more precise distance wise.(more server capacity has been added, 'Jump to page' functions has been added on some pages and other small enhancements) I took some (extra) time out for the site and coded a webcam chat (I've wanted to do this for half a year, but...) - the chat still needs a few tweaks, but it's up and running :-). It always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when that happens - as it makes me feel that the site does mean a difference for you users!

Okay, a few changes has been made - you can now indicate separate anal and oral preferences and it is possible for guys that are partnered to indicate this in their profile as well.And more checks has been added to the 'Contact preferences' and the 'restrict logic' to try to prevent incorrect use.And a few other changes :-) Wow, more than a year since I last added something here - it hasn't been because I haven't done anything on the site, there just haven't been major visual changes - but servers are continually being upgraded, parts of the site tweaked and optimized - and there of course were the addition of more chat rooms (including the dedicated mature/mature room) It's been a while since I've updated this page but that doesn't mean that changes haven't been made!- Wow, from looking at this list it could look like nothing has happened for a couple of years - which isn't true!- a heap of different tweaks and server-side systems has been done (geo-location database changes, more anti-scammer measures, load-balancing of the light version - to name a few).

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- There's now a 'light' version of the site for supporting users intended for when they wish to use the site in public (eg. And over the last months more server capacity has also been added.

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  1. All of this comes with the same webcam and microphone features you've come to expect in an interactive multimedia chat -- no features have been sacrificed.