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Talmudic discussion in Kiddushin 16b clarifies that a boy is of age when physical signs of adulthood appear after he is 13 plus one day.Maimonides (Yad, Ishut 2:9–10) completes the equation and specifies that a girl's signs of adulthood are those that appear only after her 12 birthday plus one day.At that time a scholar or elder was honored with aiding the young man in donning the tefillin.Ḥasidim of the Ḥabad school taught that boys began putting on tefillin two months prior to the actual bar mitzvah, the first month without pronouncing the blessing, and the second month saying it. It usually dealt with some aspect of the rite; Sephardim call it the tefillin derashah.Some Jews from outside Israel make a special pilgrimage to celebrate their son's bar mitzvah there.century German Reform a substitution for bar mitzvah.It is not until the 19 century that indications of ceremony or public recognition come from Italy, Eastern and Western Europe, Egypt, and Baghdad.

The Sephardim and some of the Ḥasidim, interpreting the Kabbalah very exactly, insist that tefillin cannot be worn one day before bar mitzvah.The boys and girls frequently receive a special certificate, testifying their acceptance into the Jewish community.[Zvi Kaplan] 15a), in reference to the time a girl becomes subject to the obligations of Jewish law incumbent on adults.In Conservative, Reform, and some Orthodox synagogues a prayer before the ark is sometimes said by the bar mitzvah boy in place of the derashah.Most congregational Hebrew schools have special classes for the preparation of bar/bat mitzvah students.

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Aside from assuming ritual obligations, adult responsibility meant that a young woman was no longer dependent on her father, mother, or brother in marital arrangements and could act on her own behalf.

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