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Free granny date no creditcard needed

You don't have to facefuck her -facefucking is fucking awesome, don't get me wrong but the true test is seeing if you can cause her to gag with only words, hands free - that is the hallmark of domination - mental dominance over another person without the use of force.The day your partner gags herself on your cock, with her hands behind her back, not bound, is the day that you have created a submissive partner. She is your sub in perpetuity -as long as you're a couple and probably even after if it doesn't work out. Let me see what kind of fucked up shit I can make another person do - I'm on board for that last part.she then cleaned his cock and balls up with her tongue.she then went up to me and kissed me while fondling my dick. she scooped it up with her hand and for a minute looked like she was going to lick it up, but instead she forced it into my mouth, and then told me to go shower.i didn't want to face the russian nurse or the policeman again so i stayed in the shower for ages.We have been trained to associate SUBMISSION with leather collars, devices, passive eyes girls on all fours acting like a dog - that is a form of submission but it is like playing a game. But making your partner mentally submit to you is just that: mental.

if i didnt he was going to make me get castrated by a doctor he knows .

then sent me to a tattoo parlor wearing a fem boy look with pink lipstick on and get my tongue pierced and buy a few tongue rings and barbells, and a large pink cock shaped one, a few weeks later I had to go there again and get my nipples pierced and gold rings installed, every time I went the girl at the desk laughed at me and told me most real men would never get there nipples pierced or wear lipstick , then a couple weeks after that I had to go back again and get my belly button pierced and buy a ring and a charm that says SISSY from the same girl so embarrassed , then my black master made me buy a cb6000s chastity device online one he picked out for me and watched me buy form his computer and he sent me his lock in the mail with no key , he made me get on web cam and open the ups box and beg to lock my clit up with his lock.

he showed me the key in his hand, and now he owns my clit no more hardons no more cumming with permission ever .

Now, go have some fucking fun - GO TO THE VIDEOS and enjoy some submissive girls allowing cocks inside the second part of her digestive system. this russian girl has a tight little body and shes a bit of a fitness freak, so i was kinda excited at this prospect.

Or even better, go make it happen, or start that process with your partner. unfortunately, despite the fact i weight train regularly and am quite strong, i also neglect cardio and i love food so im chubby and not exactly fit. so basically the russian nurse rejected the idea of having sex or any sexual interaction with me. and while im stronger than the average guy, this policeman was just outright strong, much stronger than me.

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my black master my owner then sent me out again to the tattoo parlor and he sent a tattoo design too , he told me to prove im a black owned white sissy boy and get a Ace of Spades tattoo to be tattooed on my left ass cheek , and to get 2 small black panther paw prints on my chest ,buy then everyone in the tattoo shop knew I was a sissy fag and they asked me if I really wanted the tattoos , I told them yes I want everyone to know I love black men, my black master set up a paypal account with my creditcard and made me start buying stuff for him on his wish lists , i watched on my computer as he drained my bank accounts and he made me take out more credit cards in my name and have them sent to him.