Free chat rooms about cuckold uk

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Free chat rooms about cuckold uk

After I finally got back to my digs in Lusaka, after a couple of long flights and a dodgy taxi ride over potholed roads in the pitch black of night, I turned on my phone and got two texts.

The first one read: ‘David came over, we talked for a bit, and I went down on him.

To make a long story short, we hit it off immediately, stayed up all night long drinking and talking and, just when the sun was coming up she took off her clothes, walked over to where I was sitting and unzipped my trousers and gave me the best blow job I'd had in years.

Although that was only a few years ago, the time in my life when I could get hard and have an orgasm seem like a distant memory to me now.

I was kind of taken aback, but the best I could think was to ask her to at least be honest with me about things.

She promised she would and she lived up to her word.

She said one of them was David, the son of the owner of the lodge, and it was impossible for her to say no to him as it would threaten her job; the other was Jimmy, a handsome ranger that she would almost find it impossible to say no to. When I asked her if they were larger than me she just giggled and said most men were far larger than me, but tried to reassure me by saying that, although I wasn’t very well endowed, most men with big cocks were arrogant assholes and only cared about sex, not about forming a long-term relationship.

Of course she had surmised by then that there would never be any expectations on my part that she would have to be faithful in our marriage, so it was easy for her to say yes to my proposal.

She admitted that it was very unlikely that any South African man would marry a woman who was openly cheating on him and had every intention of cheating on him in the future.

She told me the best she could do was try but her willpower often let her down.

She then told me that she had a couple of ‘fuckbuddies’ at the safari lodge, but they were married so they didn’t pose a threat to me.

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