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You got a boyfriend = do I have competition You got/want a boyfriend = am I going to have competition, are you going to come to me with drama and "feelings" bs, do I have to play some stupid white knight part to get into your panties You sure you don't have/want a boyfriend = last time I'm asking, if you don't fess up now, forever hold your piece, if you ever approach me with it, then you are the bad guy, not me for refusing or rebuking you Because then he gets more of a guarantee or security in getting his own gratification met. I've had affairs with women who wanted unencumbered sex but still wanted to be exclusive. If it turns out to be something else you can walk away.If you are in charge, there is a danger you might say no, or change it up. In the meantime, if you're okay with being exclusive with this guy for the time being, enjoy. This guy wants all the power, and if tantalizing you with power talk in bed and one-word texts followed by sliences followed by texts to come over again gets you hopping, he'll do it.Essentially, that might just be his version of talking dirty to "rev up his rotor tail." Kind of a fantasy thing. Women are weird (yes, weird, not "wired") in that they think sex includes emotion. You still kinda hafta like the person, cause really, if you didn't, you'd **** a stranger and that's just icky. When I say "pin him down" I don't mean pin him down into a relationship.

This excitement is what drives most of our members; do you think you have seen it all in the bedroom?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... No one but me touches, if you are thinking about me..Zooey one else! Basically you make him feel socially and sexually "good," have agreed that is your purpose, to please him, and now you are committed to doing so, since you've agreed and signed the contract with your vagina. You got worried he was saying he might actually want a relationship but you don't want to commit right now.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. He's wanting a relationship with you, but will settle for a FWB with you, until down the short road you dump him for someone else, when you are ready for a relationhip. "And then hop into your Scion via the sun roof screaming the theme to 1960's Batman only filling in fvck buddy for batman. Any change or negation of the contract means he reserves the right to judge you and consider you a "crazy bytch," or, "liar," or, "game player," or, "tease," or anything with negative associations with it. You'll fvck for a while, then it's going to get confusing and weird. You also seem to have high level of control and independance as you are questioning why he has to be in charge and has to be the one to initiate?

FWIW, there is very little possibility you will be able to maintain a sexual relationship with a guy without starting to develop feelings for him, unless you are a psychopath that is. That’s why in my younger days, if I truly was not interested in a woman, I usually would limit our sexual encounters to no more than a few.

You simply cannot have an extended pleasurable intimate relationship with a person you don't care about, and once you start caring . I found if I was not interested in her, the sex really wasn’t all that good no matter how “good” she was in bed. Did you step up and initiate, have good game, take all the risks of rejection? You both sound like you have a fairly typical 20 something ephemeral "relationship" and are getting something out of it, keeping each other guessing and somewhat hooked on each other..

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