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Forum community dating online chat site 2013

Users are required to upload a photo of themselves before they can post, and most conversations come from people telling each other how attractive or ugly they are.

Discussion topics are pretty much what you’d expect at a site full of teens, ranging from complaints about family members to homework help requests.

Something Awful has also been responsible for a wide variety of Internet fads, some of them hilarious and others… But on the whole, Something Awful combines great comedy content with well-maintained forums to be one of the most interesting sites the Internet has to offer.

The Stats 123,864,808 posts and about 600 users at any given time.

Most of the discussions stem from video games, but there are also plenty of conversations about movies, TV and comic books.

About half of the topics are just users whining about how a movie was disappointing or a game received unfair reviews, and while that sounds like an insult that’s actually a pretty decent ratio compared to other entertainment forums.

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It’s like the Internet equivalent of Somalia, except with more dick jokes.

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