Fish or cut bait dating

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Fish or cut bait dating

Catching fish and cutting bait are separate activities.

In commercial fishing, both tasks are usually considered to be of equal value.

I find it hard to believe that he could have meant "vote one way or another, just make yourself useful." That barely makes sense.

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Obviously commercial fishing is hard work and can be risky.

On the other hand, it requires a certain amount of skill to cut the dead bait in such a way as to make it look natural-there are a variety of cutting styles to make a dead fish move in a suitable manner when cast.

For example, in 1876, Illinois Congressman Joseph G.

The literal and metaphorical meaning of the latter is clear. I have never heard "fish or cut bait" used to mean anything else but that.A game warden, who enjoyed fishing, asked a local fisherman to take him along on his next trip.They got out on the lake in the fisherman's boat, and the fisherman opened up his tackle box, pulled out a stick of dynamite, lit the fuse, threw it in the water, and then scooped up the stunned fish with a net. " The fisherman lit the fuse, handed the dynamite to the warden, and asked "You gonna talk or you gonna fish?But if you choose to do nothing or if you're not up to the job, you should step aside and give someone else a chance.In the context of fishing, the literal meaning of fish or cut bait involves making a choice as to which task suits you best.

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This allegedly stems from the practice of cutting one's lines and letting the bait go--"cutting bait"--at the end of the day.