Favicon not updating copy online dating profiles

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Favicon not updating

I looked all around the web, and didn't find a good answer for testing favicons in local development.

In current version of chrome (on OSX) if you do the following you will get an instant favicon refresh: This way the Favicon will always refresh when it has been changed.

If you have a legitimate interest in the source code, contact me.

While Faviconographer is running, simply double-click its icon a second time to open the preferences window.

When John Gruber wrote about Safari's lack of tab Favicons a few weeks ago, I realized that you could emulate this feature by overlaying the corresponding icon above each tab.

It seems pretty silly to always cache them given they are normally only 16x16.Both connections can be turned off in its preferences, though.As mentioned above, Faviconographer contains some proprietary code from Timing that I am not comfortable with open sourcing right now.Why not just upload every visit to the page, it's not exactly a huge overhead.To refresh your site's favicon you can force browsers to download a new version using the link tag and a querystring on your filename.

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i OS 7 introduced the 152×152 picture, and i OS8 adds the 180×180 picture. We don’t care about all these information after all. Mathias Bynens also does an excellent job at updating his famous article about Touch icons.