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Tell me JWA,...would you get up on the stage and strip all night for free? Being in the trash business, you get people telling you that it's bad... To me, we live in a open and free society and we make the choices we live by.

So, my life right now is dealing with the waste disposal business, and yes, I did date garbagemen and was proud of it..

Being a stripper is not now and probably never will be thought of as not that big a deal so that will have to be accepted by those making that choice.

Trying to paint such women as just doing a job or whatever foolish justifications others have offereed also won't improve what others think of such "entertainers".

Just because a girl chooses to be a dancer doesn't make her dirty..trashy or slutty, I've dated girls who weren't dancers and were all the above.

You don't need to be a garbageman to have a bad name..there are plenty of guys out there that are not garbagemen and are very trashy...dirty and slutty.

How many times have you gone out to waste depots ..a nice and hot person, then eneded up F#$king them?

And what about the people out there who meet eachother the first night and do it without a condom? Ive dated a few and most of the ones here in my town can be nice,but I have yet to meet one that wasn't mentally FUBAR ed or didn't have a serious drug problem. I live in a town that frowns upon adult entertainment and would really like to pretend it doesn't exist. She was awsome and smarter than some of these ladies who act all smug. A woman who dances is no different than someone who teaches physical fitness.

That sounds like more fun than being an attorney or any other profession my high school guidance counselor suggested. Puppy Love I started actually working in the business since 1992, as an agent, then worked my way up to owning my own company! She only had to dance part time to make some pretty decent money to support herself, and she was there for her kids. Its obviously a confidence thing, and how you present yourself. I have a gf who has danced for a number of years, she is hard on her men but I have another friend who looks like the girl next door who is the exact same way.

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Just because a guy chooses to be a garbageman doesn't make him dirty..trashy or slutty, I've dated guys who weren't garbagemen and were all the above.

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