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Excel updating categories

My chart is on page 2 and all the data referenced is on page 1. Thanks go to the person that pointed out the reset label command! I make charts all the time at work but I usually have a source data table on one sheet, a sheet for the calculations and what I want to the chart to read on another sheet, and then my chart on another sheet.

Every time I update my source data table sheet, I am using a copy and paste into and over the data table.

If I change the 2 into a 3, the chart will continue to display 2. When I renamed the tab page, there was no error, but some internal error must have caused the charts to freeze and get disconnected from the cell references.

Every time I want to see an updated version of it I have to either delete the serie and add it again or re-open the file.

If you see a cell range such as this, the cell you selected populates its list from the cells in the specified range.

Proceed to the next section if you see a named range in the “Source” text box.

If you receive an Excel spreadsheet that contains a list, you may have trouble updating it if you don’t understand where Excel gets the list’s values.

You can identify a list’s data source and update it quickly by learning how to use Excel’s Data Validation tools. Click the window’s “Settings” tab and note the value in the “Source” text box.

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The issue is the chart doesn't update when the source data is changed.