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This manifests in a deep and profound hatred for women as a group, which shows up on a very brief scan of some of the more extreme incel communities.“I have sluts for managers,” one poster on the forum wrote.The owner of, another sex work site, was sentenced to prison for promoting prostitution last year.And FOSTA conflates stopping sex trafficking with stopping consensual sex work, making it difficult for sex workers to screen clients or build communities through online services.

The Facebook post “situates the attack as extremist and terrorist,” says J. Berger, an expert at the International Center for Counter-Terrorism in the Hague.But it could make site operators think twice about letting users post any sexual material, especially if they don’t have the legal or technical resources of a huge web platform.Even before the bill had passed, Craigslist removed its “personals” section to avoid legal risk.Instead of trying to support each other and work through their issues as a group, the incels in certain communities allow their resentments to curdle.They see the world through the lens of entitlement: They are owed sex but cannot have it because women are shallow.

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