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I don’t mind sharing but it is appropriate to give credit and a link when one uses something someone else has created.

I just updated the poster with some new information.

Later in 2006 I used it in the “What is Half a Pig” article.

It grew from there into a poster we passed out to retailers who carry our pastured pork.

Anyone who would like a poster (~13″x19″) can order them for each plus /shipment for postage.

If you’re facing this question, perhaps you raised pigs and they’re ready to go, then check out the order form. Feel free to print and use it when you go to the butcher.

Also be sure to read the “What is Half a Pig” article which will give you some more background on the topic of going to the butcher.

Like people who make painstakingly detailed models of Winchester Cathedral out of drill bits or who collect potato chips that look exactly like top nuclear physicists, I've got the old "nobody else is doing it" thing going for me. That's because bondage is related to sex, and for a guy, it's normal to be interested to the point of obsession in anything relating to sex. It would have been impossible -- oh, all right, extremely improbable -- to create it without the use of the Bondage Scene Database on Brian's Page.

The database on Brian's Page contains over 11,000 listings of scenes of women in bondage on mainstream TV and in mainstream movies, from around the world.

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Interestingly this poster has even appeared on BBC TV in England. The cut chart has also shown up in Japan as has one of my photos of our roosters on a science program on Japanese Television. I have let many other farmers use the poster, as it clearly allows on the bottom of the design, with the caveat that it must be unaltered and link back to my web site, a reasonable request.