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Email conversation starters for online dating

God, the supreme power, intervened in history long ago to help the supremely powerless, a nation of slaves, and ever since, His work must be ours.Nor can we teach these things without giving children the space to ask, question and challenge, thereby learning the dignity of dissent, itself one of the elements of freedom.Some children take longer than others, and some relate better to the parent, so are more receptive.The important thing to instill in the child, however, is that no matter what, the parent still loves them.It’s how we came to take our ancestors’ story as our own.Amid all the talk about the challenges facing the world in the twenty first century – climate change, the global economy, political turmoil, the impact of the new technology – far too little is said or thought about education, and even when it is, it focuses on the wrong things, such as technical skills.

Still the talk is of politics and power, armies and militias, tactics and strategy, regime change and international intervention.

Liberty is born not on the battlefield but in homes, schools and houses of study.

That is the message of the world’s oldest ritual, Passover, and its force remains undiminished today. ]Rabbi Jonathan Sacks served as Britain’s chief rabbi from 1991 to 2013.

” We remain faithful to Moses’ mandate: first teach the children.

Much has been written since Moses’ day about freedom.

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We still eat the matzah, the dry unleavened “bread of affliction,” and taste the maror, the “bitter herbs” of slavery.