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Egypty foto sex

The high cost of marriage forces many young couples to wait several years before they marry.

Conservative Egyptian society forbids sex before marriage, so many young people consider the 'Urfi marriage a solution.

By Elizabeth Lehmann, Eva Plesner and Flemming Weiss-Andersen It was a summer′s day in 2008 when someone knocked at the door. Then the matter was settled: Howeida would be married to a man from Saudi Arabia for a sum of around 1750 euros. Howeida was a so-called "summer bride" – a romantic name for prostitution.

The "marriage" lasted a whole 20 days, during which Howeida was repeatedly raped. Every year, rich tourists from the Gulf states travel to Egypt and choose a girl for the summer. Her family bought a refrigerator and a washing machine with the dowry.

Every daughter equals a car or a new storey on the house." The outskirts of Cairo are incredibly poor.

Urfi marriage is perhaps one of the most contentious sexuality issues that affects young people in Egypt today. 'Urfi (Secret) Marriage Undocumented 'Urfi marriages are increasingly popular among Egyptian youth.[1] The 'Urfi is a marriage without an official contract.Couples repeat the words, "We got married" and pledge commitment before God.'Urfi marriages are conducted by a Muslim cleric in the presence of two witnesses.However, they are not officially registered and are not financially binding on the man.

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She is ashamed of her past and does not wish to state her real name.

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