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E collegedating com

When simulations of future performance are presented, the data for these performances are only predictions and are not a reliable indicator of future performance of the product.

In addition, when past performance or simulated past performance are based on data expressed in a currency other than that of the State of the investor, the potential gains can increase or decrease based on changes exchange rate.

Further, Lyxor AM and the contributors shall not be held liable neither for the results of any factor beyond their control nor for any eventual loss or damage to your technical environment, including, but not limited to, hardware, software, or any other equipment used to access this website or use the services and/or the information herein.

The on-line request of subscription of a product or service offered by Lyxor AM requires of the acceptance of the latter and shall not be valid without it.This information will be stored in and processed by Lyxor AM, Société Générale and/or its named providers or consultant information systems.The providing of some personal data may be mandatory in order to process your requests.The terms and conditions relating to advisory services and products, as the case may be, are indicative.The information about such advisory services and products do not constitute an offer, or an invitation to make an offer, from Lyxor AM or any of its affiliates, to purchase, sell or subscribe any financial products or services, or to participate in any investment strategy.

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Such subscription implies the subscriber’s acceptance to the applicable contractual conditions and fees, and its submission to French law.

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