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) -Left of Bridge, first couple -Stair Hallway, flower -Tokyo U, clock in center of building -Front of Bridge, top of left pillar -Outside Hinata Inn, left tree, second left short branch Cheat codes -moneygrowsontrees: 000 -allyourmoves: gain all the moves -theincredibleyou: all stats 100 -hellissprings: spring will be hell -eva4hidden: EVA4 movie -crazygirlmot: see Motoko rarely dressed everytime you pass by her -motokoismotoko: dress up Motoko -smashwatermelons: dress up Mutsumi -naruhaseyes: play as Naru -sofarsogood: have crazy conversations with Kaolla -rainbowsrgood: dress up Shinobi -randomamv: credits On dates, the girls like to ask questions to see if you were paying attention.

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i love all you games and i was wundering if u could plz do somthing for me i have no idea how to make games but i have lots of i ideas so if you ever have idea block (lol) plz send me a messgae im not try to be a spamer just asking so thx agen love ur games bu bye 4 nowz!!

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