Doula speed dating boise

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Doula speed dating boise

Shortly after moving to Idaho I was on the lookout for a birth photographer for our baby due at the beginning of 2013.

I stumbled across Sarah's website, looked at her birth photography pictures, and scheduled an appointment to talk with her.

Upon meeting her, I instantly knew she was to be my birth photographer. The end of my pregnancy was adventurous with lots of false labor.

We even had a practice run where we all thought I was truly in labor.

I TRULY LOVE birth photography and everything birth related.

Birth stories are the BEST stories and there's NO better way to tell them than through photos that have beautifully, tastefully, and professionally captured every moment, emotion, and feeling of that amazing process!

When labor stalled and everyone packed up their stuff, Sarah said some kind words that helped the frustration I was feeling.

When the day arrived, she was right back in the action. I look at the photos and have just a flood of emotions because she captured what I was feeling.

I get to see the true love in my husband's eyes as he holds his daughter.

Requests for doulas have risen by 37 percent in the past five years, according to the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association, and similar “meet the doulas” evenings are popping up around the country.

Vying for expectant parents’ attention at doula date night events are young rookies, seasoned grandmas and, as in the case of Muñoz and Zambito, a warm, grounded midwife- in-training who captured the couple’s hearts—and landed the job.

To find an event, Google “doula speed-dating [city name]” or seek out doula collectives in your area.

I understand that having a photographer in the room during the most intense and precious day of your life can seem a bit scary that's why I do everything possible to make sure you feel not only comfortable but as tho you've known me forever!

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