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Doc love on internet dating

You think you have a "live one" and then you respond and then................nothing.

Normal women with normal interest level in getting to know you will meet you in a nice, casual, public place after 3-4 good emails back and forth.

In 2011, a Texas single named Blake had confidence, good looks, and a Golden Retriever, but what he didn’t have was someone to share his life with.

To jump-start his love life, he bought a book called “The System,” written by one of his favorite bloggers and radio hosts, Doc Love.

“The woman sets the tone in the home,” said Doc Love, a relationship expert who’s been working with men since 1965 and has seen this phenomenon firsthand.

“If the mother is happy, the kids are happy, the dog is happy, and the husband is happy.” Thirty-five years ago, he began specifically looking into why women divorced men.

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He thoughtfully summed up his own 35 years of marriage experience with a perceived cliché phrase: “Happy wife, happy life.” Some chuckles arose in the room, but my dad didn’t waver. You’ll see.” On the surface, my dad’s words sounded like an antiquated notion.