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* Telling children that "if someone tries to touch your body and do things that make you feel funny, say NO to that person and tell me right away" * Teaching children that respect does not mean blind obedience to adults and to authority, for example, don't tell children to, "Always do everything the teacher or baby-sitter tells you to do" * Encouraging professional prevention programs in your local school system Teach Your Child: * A healthy touch (for example -- a quick hug or kiss on the cheek from a loved one) * A confusing touch (for example -- aggressive tickling and brushing up against parts of your body) * A bad touch (for example -- fondling genitals or sexual intercourse) Tell your children that it is never OK for adults, older adolescents, or even for any kid to act sexually suggestive in front of them, and it is never OK for adults or anyone else to have sex with them.

* Make a rule that there should be no secrets kept from you. Encourage your child to tell a trusted adult if they are hurt or worried.

* 61% of reported rapes were committed against victims under age 17.

* 85% of the time, the child knows and trusts the abuser.

* There are often there are NO physical signs of sexual assault. * Silence gives permission for the victimization to continue.

* That one in four girls and one in six boys are victims of sexual abuse by age 18.

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