Describing yourself in a dating site examples

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This text has several misspellings, and the writing is generally boring and riddled with clichés and unspecific statements.

The word "try" is used a lot, and together with words like "support" it makes us feel like this guy is struggling through life.

Apparently, he's active and determined, and he knows what he wants.

He would be better off focusing on the positive aspects of what he does − the stuff he likes about his job."He seems like kind of a wuss", the girl who helped me select this text commented.Speaking of what’s between the lines; the phrase "I'm kind of passionate about soccer" is also interesting.Pictures are very important, but a good text will definitely make your profile more effective; it’s the difference between "I suppose he’s okay..." and "I HAVE to meet this guy!" On the flip side, a poorly worded text can ruin the impression you give, even if your pictures are good.

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He manages to set himself apart by commenting on the way other guys tend to write profile texts; at first you think he's serious, and he seems like a douche of epic proportions, then it quickly dawns on you that he's being ironic.

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