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Demi and joe dating

When asked about the break up, Trace said it was the four-year age gap between them and scheduling issues.By 2010 Demi was ready to move on, she had previously met the Jonas brothers on the set of the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock in 2007.Bart’s with Nick and Joe Jonas and next boyfriend, Valderrama.It makes for an awkward situation but sources claim that it actually wasn’t.

The break up could have been heart wrenching, but that the star was in St.Joseph Adam "Joe" Jonas is one of Demi Lovato's friends and her ex-boyfriend. He was a member of the Jonas Brothers, a pop-rock band made up of him and his two brothers, Nick and Kevin.He starred as Joseph Lucas on the Disney Channel original series Jonas, and released his debut solo studio album, Fastlife in October 2011. During Demi’s trying time with the depression and eating disorders, he stood by her side.The lovely thing about his support is that he gave it even when they had ‘called things off’, nevertheless, theirs is a relationship that painfully reinforces the statement ‘all good things come to an end’.

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Her longest relationship by far was the one she had with Wilmer Valderrama.