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Info Power includes a host of pieces of flexible space and is the most important part of the network complex masterpiece as one of the most powerful components in the library which significantly extended the capabilities of Delphi develops intelligent network components.

An efficient buffering system guarantees excellent performance, even when processing huge files. Alpha Controls v10.20 Stable released * Solved some issues in skinned menus* Fixed error in drawing of disabled button with Png Images* Improved painting of MDI child forms* Improved painting of Spin Buttons in the standard TSpin Edit control* Improved form animation in the Win64 mode* Some Image En controls added into predefined Ts Skin Manager.

F-IN-BOX is a developer's library to enhance Adobe Flash Player Active X features.

It does not use its own engine to display movies but provide a wrapper around official swflash.ocx/code instead.

Be sure that the Accuracer Database Server utility or your own server application was started and configured properly to work with the target database.

The most famous and most useful Info Power VCL component for building facades database package for Windows-based applications in Delphi and C Builder.

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When you update or insert new data, be sure that the database you work with is not opened in exclusive mode by another application (for example, by Accuracer Database Server utility).

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