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Being admitted to hospital with asthma is also an important risk factor for death from the condition.3 Of 450 000 adults admitted yearly with asthma to emergency departments in the United States, an estimated 200 000 were sensitised to mite, cat, or cockroach allergen.4 Viral respiratory infections have been associated with most acute exacerbations of wheeze in childhood.5 In the early part of each school term there is an increase in hospital admissions for asthma associated with the acquisition of new viruses.6 An interaction has been suggested between sensitisation and virus infection in exacerbating asthma in children.7 Few studies have been conducted in adults, although there is evidence that viral infections are associated with many exacerbations of asthma.8 In experimental studies synergistic effects have been shown between allergens and viruses.

We compared the outcome measures across the groups initially by using appropriate univariate methods (χ test).

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We matched 57 of the patients admitted with asthma with two controls.

One patient admitted with asthma had a control with stable asthma only, two an inpatient control only, and one no suitable controls.

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We therefore determined their relative importance in precipitating acute asthma in adults resulting in admission to hospital.