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I do find the interface, synced to a handheld device, a little clunky - and it freezes on occasion, but a reboot from Sun-king nips any initial niggles.

Luxury slumber aside, a highlight of any business class experience is fine dining in the skies.

It may seem OTT, but you do develop a certain rapport with the crew during this more personalised level of service.

By the time I disembark, I'm exchanging handshakes with several cabin crew. Proudly inspired by its national flag, Qatar Airways’ business cabin is an airy, futuristic haven of ivory and maroon.

As we publish, business class fares from Dublin to Doha start from €4,669 return with economy fares from €919 return.

As soon as I cross the threshold to seat 2F, the palpable pizzazz of luxury travel is in the air.Surely, just add it to the four-figure airfare and save travellers the hassle of fidgeting with passwords and credit cards?More: Destination Doha: Can it compete with Dubai and Abu Dhabi?Blockchain is still an emerging enterprise technology, so it wasn’t a surprise that in a recent Tech Pro Research survey, 70% of professionals who responded said they hadn’t used it. Now, there’s another business class option on the runway for Irish travellers.

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  1. The series follows Elliot Alderson, a computer programmer for the cyber-security firm Allsafe who leads a double life as a hacker carrying out digital vigilantism.