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It means that by learning just a few simple skills, they can stand out from the usual crowd of insecure, jerky guys who constantly approach a woman. Act Like A Leader Here’s a dirty little secret that every great woman is in on: No matter how much money a guy makes or how he looks, odds are that he’s insecure and unsure of himself, and women can smell it a mile away.That’s why you don’t need cash or movie-star looks to stand out as something special.

The WORST thing you can do is get butt-hurt about it…

And it’s become such an easy-to-master, success-proven technique for me, that I really recommend you try it.

I call it “Cocky Comedy” — you’ll be amazed at the responses you start getting from women you once thought were “out of your league.” It’s really easy to learn, but it took me years to come up with step-by-step instructions and examples that anybody can use…so take advantage of all the hard work I’ve already put in for you.

They act accordingly, constantly “showing off” to win a woman over, or acting clingy and insecure, or just plain not trying at all.

What they don’t get is that they’re doing the opposite of what it takes to spark attraction, which is great news for every “average Joe” who’s hung up on the looks-and-money thing.

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But, in the end, MOST guys spend MOST of their time on the “sidelines.” They never truly get in the game, also known as “putting themselves out there,” with the energy and commitment necessary to succeed with a truly great woman. Because they’re afraid they’ll ultimately be rejected.

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