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Datingpot com

FYI For Your Information G Gay GBM Gay black male LGBT or GLBT Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered GLBTQIA gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, intersexed and ally GSOH Good sense of humor GWM Gay white male H Hispanic HNG Horny Net Geek Hookup, see What is Hookup Culture?

HWP Height/weight proportionate IR Interracial IRL In Real Life ISO In search of J Jewish K Kids Kino L Lesbian LD Light drinker LDR Long Distance Relationship LDS Latter Day Saints (Mormon)LS Legally separated, or Light smoker M Male MBA Married but available MBC Married black couple MM Marriage minded MSM Men seeking men, or Men who have sex with men MSW Men seeking women Mt F Male-to-female transgendered MWC Married white couple NA Native American NBM Never been married ND or N/D Non-drinker, No drinking, or No drugs Neg a backhanded compliment N/Drugs No drugs NK or N/K No kids NS or N/S Non-smoker NSA No strings attached NRE New Relationship Energy Open Relationship P Professional, or Parent PA Personal Attachment or Pleasing Appendage Pan pansexual Pansexual where gender is irrelevant Peacocking attracting attention through props and clothing PC Politically Correct, Personal Computer PD Public Display of Affection PDA Public Display of Affection Poly polyamory POSSLQ Person of opposite sex sharing living quarters RL Real Life, i.e.

When dating an instrument by the ‘pot code,’ keep two things in mind: The potentiometers must be original to the piece (new solder, or a date code that is off by ten or more years is a good giveaway to spot replacement pots); and the pot code only indicates when the potentiometer was manufactured!

If the pot is an original, it indicates a date before which the guitar could not have been built – so it’s always a good idea to have extra reference material around.

Smoking marijuana is affecting your dating and sex life more than you think.

During college, I dated a self-proclaimed former pothead. Online dating site targets pot users who want someone to relax with. Pot Code Reader (Ver.1.0) Beta Stamped on every potentiometer ...

Finally, a word of caution: This method applies only to American made pots and not all potentiometer manufacturers subscribed to the EIA source code date.

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Have you ever read an online dating profile and tried to decipher the internet acronyms listed?