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The series will solicit interaction with the audience base as fact and fiction begin to meld.This project provides a unique opportunity for video platforms and distribution companies to reach viewers in a new way and is backed by a creative team that understands both digital media and the LGBT audience. Though they get along great both on and off screen, it looks like the two are just friends. Zac Efron manages to show range acting in everything from musicals to comedies to thrillers, like his upcoming turn as serial killer Ted Bundy in got along well with one another. Zendaya did a good job playing a grumpy teenager in and has also had a hand in musicals and comedies in the past.We are incredibly excited to share @dating Zoe with you and are beyond grateful for your help in making this reality. She's experienced a decade of dating fails, and her hopeless romantic days are long gone.She can't help but wonder what she could possibly be doing wrong, and she wants help figuring it out. She's Zoe's go-to girl as they navigate the New York City lesbian dating scene together. You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like.

The start of each episode (following the pilot) will have Zoe and Devon casually discussing social media responses from the previous date they posted.

ZOE (played by Rachel Paulson) has become jaded by her dating fails and is exhausted by a decade of letdowns.

She wants to find love and refuses to settle, but she’s starting to believe she can't have one without the other. Her mom is desperate for grandchildren and is constantly pushing Zoe to find a “life partner.” Zoe’s cute, but her best friend is hot, which is not much of a confidence booster. For the first time she has women noticing her, Devon included.

Devon loves seeing Zoe as the center of attention for a change, but gradually realizes she wants to be the one providing [email protected] Zoe is a mockumentary-style comedy series with Devon's camera providing the central vantage point.

Although Devon is a main character, we first get to know her only through her voice as she interacts with Zoe on camera.

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