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I called it and the person on the other end of the line told me that he had published a book, which I ordered immediately.

A couple of weeks later I received a glued together collection of hardcore "how to pick up women" tips which I absolutely devoured.

I had also asked about tips for meeting women in bars and nightclubs...

You'll never hear about these men or their amazing conquests. and very few fit the picture of what most would consider a "pick up artist" to look like. I'd like to share with you the amazing story of how I "accidentally " become one of the founding fathers of this community and tell you the secrets we've discovered that YOU can use to meet and date the women of your dreams. I guess the best way to describe me would hav e been "nerdy ".

Through this "guru" I managed to meet up with some other like-minded gu s who were interested in this stuff... This was about the same time the Internet was starting to play a role in society ...

so I decided to try the whole "email" thing out, and make my own email list for guys who were interested in improving their success with women. Over the next few weeks my inbox was FLOODED with new mail.

These places were often password protected, and guys would share tips and even pictures of the women they had seduced (and let me tell you. Some men were even skilled enough to seduce famous actresses and models and posted the "proof".) Of course I would scour those forums and chat rooms for the very best stuff, which I would then share with my readers.

My little list has been around for over 15 years now.

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Once or twice a week I would take the very best stuff and put it together and send it out again... Guys began referring to it as "Cliff's List", and the name stuck.

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