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“Turns out that there’s not a lot of mainstream work in Hollywood for four-foot-two blondes with dwarfism, no matter how talented you are,” she writes.“Funnily enough, I’m actually too tall for a little person in the entertainment industry.“I get into the moments that I feel like really changed me as a person,” she reveals.Jolé tells ET that her primary focus is on inspiring others with her story.Do you think you know everything about Little Women: LA star Terra Jolé? It might seem like the reality star shared all the details of her life with the public over the last 15 years – first appearing on MTV’s True Life in 2002 -- but she’s revealing new secrets in her memoir, Fierce at Four Foot Two.“Surprisingly, I couldn't believe how many stories I had to tell.In fact, we left a lot of stories out,” Jolé shares with ET in an exclusive interview about the book, joking that she thought fans knew everything about her too. It's not like what a producer may interpret as you,” she explains.“There are tons and tons of stories that I have not shared with anyone.” While she is used to being very open about her life on television, there’s a big difference with sharing her story in print. “[A book] is one hundred percent your thoughts and it's just there.” EXCLUSIVE: 'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole Opens Up About Cancer Scare: 'It's Definitely a Hard Thing'The Dancing With the Stars alum began work on the book while competing on the dancing show.

But I feel like they're growing experiences and I feel like, if you share these moments with other people, they'll know how you overcame them and, hopefully, if they experience them as well, they’ll have a solution.” She writes of the arrest, “The last thing I remember clearly is being at the wrap party feeling fun and carefree as I danced the night away with the cast and crew.

Jolé opens up about her first love and first major heartbreak at 18, falling for an average-height boy named Sam.

The two had been friends for years, but after their first kiss, everything changed.

“I didn't really want to mirror my book after anyone else.

And I feel like the one thing I didn't want to do was make my book corny.

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Then nothing, until I came to in my car somewhere around am.