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One of our major goals to achieve long term sobriety is emotional stability, If you are like me and most of us at 2 mos, you haven't worked the steps and have never really focused on the problem which is "us".

Early on we have very little to offer another person until we can work on our defects and clear away wreckage of the past, and learn to love ourselves first.

I gotta accept them unconditionally program and not. (((((hugs))))) Hi GG, I personally dont have any experience dating in AA.

I have heard tho many times that it is recommended that new ppl dont make any major changes early in sobriety. This is not an official recommendation of Alcoholics Anonymous as far as I know.

New ppl are vulnerable and when they take the focus off their sobriety, and put more effort into pursuing the opposite sex there is usually trouble.

I really believe too that its really none of my business if ppl in the fellowship want to date each other. GG, There are so many reasons why it's suggested to take a year off from relationships to get sober.

Alcoholics are largely codependent and spend way too much time thinking about other people, and with someone in there life, that they are projecting on heavily, how the **** are they going to take time out and contemplate self help/improvement?

It ain't going to happen, because while they are in a relationship they are thinking "I'm fine because I've got him/her".

I was 24 when I got sober and my sponsor drilled the "No Personal Relationships for the 1st year" into my head, It wasn'twhat I wanted to hear, but 26 years later I'm glad I listened to him. I am truly Grateful each and everyday for another shot at getting closer to being all the God of my understanding intended me to be and to carry on our primary purpose! I came into AA at 36 and thought "No way am I following that suggestion." Hence, I did not follow it.

My sponsor tells me often, it takes 5 years for us to get our heads out of our a**es and another 5 years to learn to be comfortable in our sobriety.

He may or may not be right, but he HASN'T lied to me yet, so why should I question him on this one?

So I guess I figured with the odds already stacked against me, I needed to remove ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that stood in my way of getting and staying sober.

That meant listening with an open mind, and believing that people were giving me suggestions that really worked.

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It took me well over a year for me to really start to see things with a clearer head.

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