Dating with girls from yemen

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Women in Yemen have historically been placed at a disadvantage due to their gender, with the society highly patriarchal.

Although the government of Yemen has made efforts that will improve the rights of women in Yemen (including the formation of a Women's Development Strategy and a Women Health Development Strategy), many cultural and religious norms, along with poor enforcement of this legislation from the Yemeni government, have prevented Yemeni women from having equal rights to men.

The Queen of Sheba, for example, “is a source of pride for the Yemeni nation”.

Modern day women of Yemen, however, are subject to a society that reflects largely agrarian, tribal, and patriarchal traditions.

Thus, female children are often disciplined and punished, if they challenge this behaviour, and attempt to defend themselves.

The most vulnerable group of women exposed to violence in Yemen, is marginalized, poor and rural women.Article 42 of the Crimes and Punishment Law No 12 (1994) amounts a woman’s blood money (diya) as half of a man’s, effectively devaluing the female’s life to half as much as a man’s.In the incident of unintended killing, law identifies a compensation for killing a male, of one million Yemeni Rial (YR), which is around 5,000USD.While conditions of poverty tend to intensify forms of incidences of violence against women, rural women are also forced to carry out most agricultural work and physical labour.Women in Yemen are also subjected to violence through the institutionalization of discriminatory laws.

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Further, divorce and even testimony of women is not equal to that of Yemeni men.

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