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Dating whiskey bottles

Pepper, ginger and other rye spices, ripe dark fruit, earth, dry grain, floral notes, vanilla, cedar, Fruity & Spicy. Seagram was busily working on a special project in his Waterloo, Ontario distillery. Soon some woody notes arrive, not obvious, but noticeable, with cedar and newly-cut lumber. The slight caramel-like sweetness never cloys, but nicely frames shades of bourbon-like vanilla pod. Although it has the spirity notes of a classic mixing whisky, the body has a pleasing weight.

To celebrate his son’s wedding, Seagram was developing a special blend of his finest whiskies for him. And though there are ripe fruits, it never becomes overly fruity.

If it sounds like there is a lot going on here, there really isn’t. Alberta Premium 30 Year Old Limited Edition® Crisp clean oak and fresh red cedar, ripe fruit, butterscotch, vanilla, grapefruit pith, simmering spices, and dusty rye.

There are lots of flavour suggestions, but it’s really not very complex. A quick explosion of flavour followed by a slow, complex reveal. ★★★★★ Alberta Premium aged 25 years (40% alc./vol.) Sweet vanilla pods and fresh-cut lumber.

Sizzling spices spiciness and the classic Gibson’s grapefruit pith finish. ★★★★ Gibson’s Finest Rare Bourbon Cask (40% alc./vol.) Creamy, soft, round and smooth. Hot peppery spices, a slight saltiness, and gentle citric zest. Hot pepper is softened by vanilla ice cream and fresh dairy butter. brand, remember that date and release a special centenary edition for us in 2013. has been produced at Diageo’s distillery in Valleyfield, Quebec, with some spirit components coming from other plants. Nose: Closed at first, then slowly opening into mild rye notes with a hint of spirit. is best served as a mixing whisky, its spirity whiffs and ginger notes complement a dry ginger ale.Peppery with a slippery creaminess and underlying notes of clean oak. The most whisky like of the spiced whiskies with added notes of black licorice, Mom’s baking vanilla and a touch of clean oak. Burley tobacco takes it into the lower registers as do hints of oak. Hall looked to Ireland for inspiration when crafting one of his latest creations, a cream liquor, made with fresh Ontario dairy cream in a base of Forty Creek whisky. 1 Review Bursting gingery spice bombs, dark fruits, clean sweet wood, and crème caramel.Canadian Club Reserve 10 years old (40% alc./vol.) Sweet, peppery, and fruity, with a pleasing bitter zest. ★★★★ Canadian Club Sherry Cask (41.3% alc./vol.) Batch SC-018 Rich and very fruity– from raisins to peaches to berries. (80 proof) Faint spirit evolves into robust rye spices with rich butterscotch, hints of dry grain, and ripe dark fruits. (80 proof)) Toffee sweet, vanilla, grassy with citric fruits, and a cleansing bitter lemon zest. (86 proof)) Brio, cola, white pepper, ginger, sultanas, prunes, coconut, grapefruit zest and juice, dry grain, mash, and hints of fresh-cut lumber. ★★★☆ Canadian Rockies 10 Year Old 40% alc/vol An excellent example of a well-aged Canadian whisky with a bold display of gingery spice, pepper, exotic fruit – kumquats, passion fruit – and oak. ★★★★☆ Canadian Rockies 21 Year Old 40% alc/vol Robust, yet elegant and fine. ★★★★★ Chinook 5 year old Canadian Whisky (40% alc./vol.) Ripe fruit and stewed prunes with vanilla coconut custard, blistering hot spices and a nutty cereal side accented with rose water, dusty roads and hints of oak. ★★★☆ Collingwood (40% alc/vol.) Canadian Whisky Review Dark fruits, Concord grapes, roses and spring flowers with a rich and creamy mouthfeel. A bright, lively, potent, but not overly complex whisky, with a sweet and fruity finish.★★★★☆ Dock 57 Blackberry 40% alc/vol Blueberries, grape popsicle, sweet simple syrup and maybe just a hint of clean oak in a whisky liqueur-cum-ice-cream-topping designed for summer patio or winter hot spot bliss. Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve (40% alc./vol.) Toasted oak sugars, vanilla, hot pepper, mustard, and ginger. A spice “Monster.” Sultry fruits and dusky rye spices like fireworks in an ancient muggy rainforest. ★★★★★ Forty Creek Port Wood Reserve 2012 45% alc/vol Full-bodied with floral rye, black fruit, herbs, butterscotch, licorice root, celery, gunpowder, & old Madeira.

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