Dating while bipolar

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Dating while bipolar

Based on my own experiences with my son—and with the numerous families I’ve counseled as a licensed psychologist for more than 20 years—I’ve found that these benefits include the following: Most people are too polite or cautious to tell you when your anxious, insistent, or harsh tone of voice is getting on their nerves.But when someone in your immediate family has bipolar sensitivities—which cause them to react strongly to even the slightest hint of edginess, pressure, or criticism—you can learn a lot about yourself, and from an amazingly precise teacher.When I first became a parent 15 years ago, I assumed that persistence and good parenting skills would resolve most, if not all, problems.But having a son with bipolar symptoms, I’ve found it also takes a responsive psychiatrist, flexible and empathic teachers, a behavioral coach, and several other helping professionals to keep things on track.There’s always the opportunity to clarify what you can do better the next time so you don’t drift apart from each other.

You might even hear him or her question the meaning of life and whether it’s all worth the struggle.much we don’t know about bipolar disorder and I’m grateful for each small step of progress that researchers, activists, support groups, and others are making to help improve how families cope.Nowadays, when I see another family struggling with imperfect solutions for the moodiness of a loved one, I’m less likely to judge them and more likely to appreciate just how much we need each other’s stories, experiences, and trial-and-error efforts.As a result of these deep conversations, life is a lot fuller.I learn valuable clues about what my clients, friends, and other family members are going through when their moods go up and down.

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He said, “Dad, I know it’s not easy, but there’s something amazing about how we work things out each and every time.

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