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Dating websites for recovering alcoholics

Unfortunately, I am not a referral service and there is a helpless feeling that I can’t assist every person who comes to me.

I hope this article will give partners the information they need to locate the right therapist for them.

I get e-mails daily from women all over the world asking if I can refer them to a good sex addiction counselor in their area.

Since they are asking me I know that means they have been to my website or read one of my articles and are looking for someone who will recognize and validate their trauma while not labeling them a “co-sex addict.” Helping people find good therapists could become a full time job for me.

Sometimes referred to as therapeutic disclosure, full disclosure, or healthy disclosure, this is a crucial component in recovery for both the partner and the addict and for the marriage.

Trainings will be offered all over the country at least twice a year. They can read all about it on the website mentioned above and register there as well.

Since the release of the book Your Sexually Addicted Spouse, partners have been desperate to find professionals who work from this model.

E-mails are pouring in asking for referrals to therapists who have been trained by APSATS.

Symptoms of PTSD have been shown to mimic symptoms of co-addiction, but still most therapists are sticking to this outdated model which is doing great harm to partners.

So does that mean there is no hope in finding a good counselor to help a woman whose world has been turned upside down by the discovery of her husband’s pornography or sexual addiction? But it may prove to be more challenging than it should be.

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Once a therapist or life coach receives the certification their name and information will be listed on the APSATS website. All are welcome to attend, even if they are not a clinician.

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