Dating wahoo

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Dating wahoo

In route & ride History the ELEMNT BOLT controls the KICKR to automatically change resistance to match the elevation profile of your route..Training Peaks and Today’s Plan are fully integrated with ELEMNT BOLT.I dunno it's extra complexity that doe not really need to exist.Dunno why Wahoo doesn't allow saving the file directly into the Bolt.You can also track your Strava Suffer Score Live during your workout, which measures how hard you try and is based on the time you spend in different heart rate zones compared with your maximum heart rate.

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It’s easy to use and has a wide array of functions. Without using a phone the only thing I can do is record a ride and then upload them one at a time. I can connect the 500 to USB and then it allows me to upload as many rides as I want at the same time.

So if I upload 3 rides from my Garmin all in one go, then Strava lets me title all 3 at the same time and save and done.

Wahoo I have to upload one ride at a time, title, save, repeat, repeat, etc.

The rides can be uploaded all at once from phone or through wifi, but then you have to go out of the Wahoo app to Strava app, then title and save them each individually.

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The ELEMNT BOLT works with Shimano Dura Ace Di2, SRAM e TAP, FSA WE, and Campagnolo EPS, electronic shifting systems.