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This enables us to create a logically isolated instance within AWS.AWS maintains industry standard security certifications such as ISO 27001 and SOC-1, 2 and 3.Finally, Nyansa makes a variety of tools available to customers to secure access to their Voyance accounts, including email verification, account access/authentication logs, role based access, and different account privileges.

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Much of the information collected, including most of the device-related data, is information exchanged through standard networking protocols.

For instance, in order for a device to associate to a network it must transmit its MAC address (and device type, operating systems, and device name) to the network, and the network assigns the device an IP address. The crawler only collects the data necessary for Nyansa to make the Voyance service available to the customer, and Nyansa only uses the data collected to provide the Voyance service to the customer.

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And if for some reason, connection between the crawler and Nyansa’s servers is lost, this does not degrade network performance.

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