Dating violence safety tips

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Dating violence safety tips

I’m going to ask if we can add more members to the team.

Ask the victim, ‘Are you okay with me telling a counselor about this, or a favorite teacher?

Lawson discussed three general forms of abuse and gave examples of each (included below).

She says the key to identifying behavior that crosses the line is the reaction of the partner.

The basics of teen dating violence should be discussed with students early on in their time at campus and multiple times thereafter.

Let someone know your plans for the night: who you’ll be with and if plans change. If you’ve called the police, introduce yourself when they arrive. If you are harassed or attacked by the police, get their name and badge/car numbers.

The 2015 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey [2.77MB,180Pages, 508] found that nearly 12% of high school females reported physical violence and nearly 16% reported sexual violence from a dating partner in the 12 months* before they were surveyed. As teens develop emotionally, they are heavily influenced by experiences in their relationships.

For high school males, more than 7% reported physical violence and about 5% reported sexual violence from a dating partner. Healthy relationship behaviors can have a positive effect on a teen’s emotional development.

Many teens do not report it because they are afraid to tell friends and family. Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance – United States, 2015.Listen to the victim’s story without judging or overly reacting.They should know they have the right to protect themselves and report the abuse.Lawson says preventing teen dating violence starts with educating your students on the nature of relationship abuse.“You won’t know on the first date you’re with an abuser,” Lawson explains.“You have to be aware of how comfortable you feel with this person each time you engage with them.

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“Abusers will work hard to have a good image in the community so that when abuse is reported people will doubt the victim.

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