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and I'm sure none of them are crushed over the fact...

Jordannne....welcome to the club....little secret for you, the reason the say hello and walk away is because there was nothing left in thier vocabulary...there, done that once to often.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. this comes out in a person's personality - And yes, the cynical female in me is generalizing, but the attractive men that I've dated don't seem to work as hard on the relationship - they aren't used to rejection, so they are in a different frame of mind and simply not too concerned.

We all know that attractive women can scare off guys. But are women like that with men they think are really cute? I've gone up to very attractive men to initiate a conversation; and most of them smile, say hello, then walk away.

Seriously, when talking with girls if I don't have a good conversation with them the first couple of time's their most likely just going to become someone I say hi to...think about it, they want to talk to you but you half to give us something to talk about!

However, what is TRULY devastatingly attractive in a man, is when he is not (even too consciously) aware of his own attractiveness. Just look past the physical and 'connect' with the real human being. In fact, I've found that many men appreciate this sense of 'being seen for who they really are' and not being treated differently to anyone else. Nowadays, I would never think of competing the thin, sultry Barbie types. Good-looking folks have insecurities, too, believe it or not. Course, I'm not the kind of person who's intimidated by anything, either...dunno'...mebbe that's part of it, too.

Very physically goodlooking/cute men have the power of physical attraction. ) whereas its the plainer guys/less handsome men who are all hung up on a woman's looks (or apparent lack thereof and may even point it out to you). One of the methods I've learned when in the company of real goodlookers is... Completely gets me over my nerves, levels the field, and I and the guy are much more relaxed as a result. For me personally I don't have any problems talking to anyone. Believe it or not, I was quite attractive in my 20's and dated a couple of guys that girls would flirt with and drool over in my presence. We're all just people, each of us doing the best we can with what we've been blessed to work with.

What is so bad is that no one wants to be with someone they consider ugly but we all feel that we may not be acceptable to a person we feel is truly attractive. setting us up with to think only people like Angelena and Brad can be together. lol I brought various good looking guys into the vip room where my girlfriends and I were the judges. The guy who won looked like Slash from Guns-n-Roses. What won him the title of best looking man in the bar that night was the fact that he bit a beer can in two.

If I come into contact with an attactive man, I freeze, become very closed in and can't show who I am - it is horrible. B*I once organized an impromptu "beauty pageant" for gorgeous guys at a bar in Toronto, famous for its "metal heads".

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