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A second date is about getting to know each other on a little deeper level. It’s tricky to navigate, but on a second date, it’s usually best to stay to the “less is more” end of the seesaw.Creeping too close to the other side sometimes pays off but you risk tipping the whole thing over.Gavin Mc Loughlin and John Mulligan More than 2,000 new homes are being planned in an experimental carbon-neutral development in Waterford where homes will come with solar panels and cut-price electric cars, the Irish Independent has learned.Retailers on the British high street say the rise of the online practice has led to a slump in their profits - and claim it is putting them under further strain at a time of already plummeting sales (file image)The sales slump has seen many retailers make it easier to return items in the hope this will make people less cautious about spending.Barclaycard found 58 per cent of shoppers say a retailer’s returns policy influences their decision to buy.

The architectural firm has been in business for more than 90 years.

My music taste is rather obscure and all over the place. Do you suffer from "wanting who doesn't want you back and being wanted by those who you don't want"?

Why do guys always tell me I should work at Hooters?

He's expected to be a high-average, high-power slugger.

The alternative view is Conforto's .390 on-base percentage, which would be a career-best, is an indicator of a star player just a tad off at the plate and ready to go on a tear.

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Some of its other projects include the award-winning Criminal Courts of Justice and the five-star Westin hotel in Dublin.