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The possible reasons for the money transfer can vary, from payment for email or buying ticket to visit You, to renting apartments for your future visit or paying for urgent operation for "her child".Usually you will be asked to transfer some amount via Western Union - the organization that provides cash transfers to any country in the world and money can be picked up immediately.Scam letters are different from genuine letters only in one feature: you will never think it is a scam!Scam letters are composed by people whose best knowledge is people's psychology, particularly the men's psychology.Some men told me that they cannot forget the woman and will go on, getting her or breaking their hearts.They forget the fact that in reality THEY ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WOMAN.

So all means and different tactics that scammers use will eventually lead to a situation where you are to give some amount of money to the dubious person.The transferred amount cannot be refunded, even if you paid by credit card.A scam may be performed by a loner or group of well organized criminals.If a woman is genuine, she IS interested in your financial situation (she must care about whether you are able to provide for a family), but she also will not ask directly.Instead, she may ask something about your work or where you live/what type of house you have, but it is also not necessary.

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(As you can expect, the person from the photos has no idea what her photos are used for - would YOU give your photos to somebody knowing he is going to use it for a crime?

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  2. This season -- following the death of her fiance, Jeff -- viewers have seen Rossi try to clear things up, including the rumors of infidelity (claimed during last season's reunion show) and the gold-digger claims ... The best way that I figured out would make sense for me was to do Internet sales first.