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On the one hand there’s been an attitude over the past decade or so, that in spite of the school struggles, having a learning disability somehow meant you are brilliant or gifted in some way.

Do we focus on the rose and adjust their sights on the powerfully successful and wonderfully well-known celebrities of the LD spectrum?

She was delighted to hear how unique her ability to hold onto imagery was. It slows down and minimizes the self-limiting and self-critical voice in their head. Aren’t those the qualities we want for ourselves and our kids?

She was used to hearing vague platitudes from her parents that she only half believed, at most. It also helped her to accept and understand her conversely low scores in auditory working memory. , having a learning disability means enduring all sorts of crappy experiences in school. Putting up with those ‘shaming’ moments day after day, is what Buddhists describe as effectively dealing with “dukkha”, the appearance of suffering in daily life.

I believe we teach them the idea that nothing is beyond their reach but that it takes hard work, focus and opportunity.

, in developmentally appropriate ways, to know themselves, to stand in a mindful way, seeing their learning profile, with strengths and weaknesses, with risks and opportunities, we help them progress further.

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Disentangling LD from IQ means just that: There’s as much incidence of dyslexia in people who score high on IQ tests and those who test low/lower.

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