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No one is in the picture, it is just their house and white 1960 Ford station wagon that was their family car at the time." "Well...see, we use to jump off it, smash glass jars filled with live bee's on it, and then run like hell!!!!! " Barry joined the group around the age of seven playing drums.

....ummm,,,, I sleepedwalked out on to it once when I was five....periwinkles off of it and then boil them in water and eat them with a straight pin..............shelter from the wind after long luxurious days down on gray rock beach,,,,,and last but certainly not least spread our brothers Bill and Barry 's ashes there. How lucky you are to have lived at such a beautiful place. Once John had made it to the magic age of seven, Barry moved over to bass guitar to make room for John on drums. Their first performance as a foursome was at the Red Men's Carnival at King's Park in Newport, Rhode Island (In 1965 this carnival was held July 4-10th), just down the hill from their home of Halidon Hall.

The following is your "not so normal" history of The Cowsills.

Now don't you agree The Cowsills Should Be In The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame !!

Billy and Bob started getting interested in playing guitars and started having some 'sessions' with my dad at our home and they got pretty good.

Bud and Barb arranged for them to be on a local talent show that aired in Cleveland Ohio on NBC.

It was called the Gene Carroll Show and was on every Sunday morning around AM.

Without a contract, they went into the studio and recorded an Artie Kornfield (one of the main folks in the original Woodstock)/Steve Duboff song, "The Rain, The Park and Other Things", and Lenny Stogel took the package to MGM who signed The Cowsills and added Barbara to the group.

(By the way, Bob say the video of TRTP&OT with the little train was shot at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.) The Cowsills were off and running. They appear on almost every popular show at the time and had their own NBC special, A Family Thing, which aired November 28, 1968.

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Just seems appropriate that they should end up in Cleveland if the induction takes place, doesn't it?