Dating show with pop up bubbles

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Ben Tracy talks with Tommy Chong, who helped invent the stoner comedy genre, who's put his name to Chong's Choice marijuana, on sale in six states; and with Melissa Etheridge, whose experience with marijuana to relieve the effects of cancer chemotherapy has inspired her to build a farm for medical marijuana products.

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(You Facebook commenters know what we're [not] talking about!

) Comedian Jim Gaffigan has something to say about the thing he won't mention.

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Mo Rocca talks with bestselling author Walter Isaacson, whose biographies of such figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs have given him particular insight into what makes a genius.

Full episodes of "Sunday Morning" are now available to watch on demand on, and CBS All Access, including via Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV stick and Xbox. COVER STORY: | Watch Video From fashion to fragrance, celebrity sells.

Chief meteorologist at CBS Miami station WFOR Craig Setzer has the latest.

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"Hair," premiering on stage in 1968, was a reflection of the turbulent times.

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  1. She was also unbendingly ethical, deeply scholarly, and emotionally supportive—virtues I’d always believed essential in a prospective girlfriend or wife.