Dating royal copenhagen pottery Online eriotic chat no registration

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Dating royal copenhagen pottery

The easiest method is using date codes, Royal Copenhagen employed two types of codes; one from 1932 to 1949 and a second from 1950 to 1984.

To well-seasoned or novice collectors, determining a maker or origin of a piece can be very confusing if it is outside their normal area of interest.For example, the marking “NMK” is that of the decorator, who unfortunately I have no records for. This model number indicates it was one of many designed by Christian Thomsen (1860-1921).Thomsen worked for Royal Copenhagen from 1898 until his death in 1921.Any markings that can be found can often help unravel the mystery—if you know what the marks mean.If you don’t, however, they can lead you well astray of the truth.

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The new mark and use of the name ‘Royal Doulton’ as opposed to ‘Doulton’ signify the grant of a Royal Warrant to Henry Doulton by King Edward VII in 1901.

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