Dating rituals china dating from lower class protocol

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Dating rituals china

This is of great importance as the reputation of the groom’s family is at stake.Before a meeting takes place, the groom’s family will have already made surreptitious enquiries through friends and acquaintances.Funeral customs and the wake The burial of the dead (cremation is traditionally uncommon) is a matter taken very seriously in Chinese societies.

Negotiation period If both families are satisfied with each other, the groom’s parents will send their representative- always female and chosen from among his aunts or elderly relatives- to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage. The representative will discuss a suitable date, the amount of the dowry and the number of tables allocated to the bride’s family at the wedding banquet.To a certain degree, Chinese funeral rites and burial customs are determined by the age of the deceased, the manner of his/her death, his/her status and position in society and his/her marital status.According to Chinese custom, an older person should not show respect to a younger.Arranged marriages, where the marriage match is arranged by the parents or relatives of the bride and groom were once common in Chinese society but are now rare and viewed as old-fashioned.Marriage is usually now based on the two people involved’s own choices.

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A meeting will be arranged for the two families to meet- usually without the bride and groom present- and a frank and open discussion will ensue.