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Appendicitis Another good reason to see a doctor if you feel nauseous after eating is that it could be appendicitis.

If you notice the pain is coming from the lower right of the stomach then you should see a doctor immediately – appendicitis can cause your appendix to rupture within 24 hours if you don’t get seen to.

In some cases it might even cause loss of balance and the excess production of saliva.

Nausea following consumption of food is a common eating disorder and can occur immediately after eating or a while after.

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This can then become a conditional response so that your body sees eating as a cue to be sick.

Seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist in either case can help you to change the way you think about eating, address any regular concerns, and help you to lose negative associations.

Sometimes the very act of worrying that you might be sick can actually make you sick.If you do have a food allergy then it’s common to notice hives on your body too.Psychology In some cases the feelings of nausea after eating can be mostly psychological.Gallstones If the stomach pain is higher up and you have particular difficulty with greasy food then gallstones is another possibility.Cancer Again a more serious cause for nausea after eating is gastric cancer or stomach cancer.

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If you are showing other signs of pregnancy such as weight gain, morning sickness and lack of menstruation then you should take a pregnancy test to ascertain whether this is the case.

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